‍‍‍Empower Wo‍‍‍rkers‍‍‍‍‍‍

Our forebearers protested, striked, and even died for fair working conditions in Hawaii. If not fo‍‍‍r their struggle, Hawaii's Democratic Party would not be as strong as it is today. In Congress, Kaniela will fight to end Taft-Hartley, pass a national card check bill, and enshrine the rights to unionize, collectively bargain, and strike into law.

100% Renewable Energy ‍‍‍by 2035

In the legislature, Kaniela has demonstrated the courage to take on energy monopolies to support solar proliferation and energy innovation. In Congress, he will fight to commit our nation to‍‍‍ a 100% renewable energy goal in order to save our planet from climate change and put millions of rural Americans back to work. Hawaii's groundbreaking law is already attracting hundreds of high-tech and manufacturing jobs.

As a nation, we owe a great debt to our veterans. It is an obligation and responsibility that Kaniela takes very seriously. He will fight to ensure that veterans will receive the adequate and timely services they deserve, and never vote to send our troops into unnecessary, reckless wars of choice.


Get Big Money Out of Politics

Homelessness, Affordable Housing

We were once a state that not only took care of everyday people, but made sure that they felt accomplished. Today, high costs and housing are out of control. Working families are being squeezed out, and our children are moving away in search of opportunity. In Congress, Kaniela's #1 priority‍‍‍ will to be lower Hawaii's cost of living, reshape the rigged economy, and allow our children to thrive on our islands.

People are waking up to the fact that money has corrupted our democracy and has concentrated too much power in too few hands. Kaniela is the only candidate who does not accept‍‍‍ money from DC lobbyists or corporations, so you know he will always side with the people and never sell out. Kaniela puts people over corporate profits and will fight to ban corporate PACs and repeal C‍‍‍itizens United.

Rather than stripping healthcare from 30 million Americans like Donald Trump and the GOP, Kaniela believes everyone should have access to affordable healthcare through a single-payer M‍‍‍e‍‍‍dicare-for-all system. Its time has come.

A generation ago, a student could effectively work her way through college. This is no longer the case. Kaniela believes that in today's economy, universal access to quality education must start at P‍‍‍re-K and continue through college. Kaniela championed free community college in the l‍‍‍egislature, and will champion tuition-free college in Congress.

Criminal Justice Reform

‍‍‍Job Guarantee

$15 Living Wage‍‍‍ and a Union‍‍‍

Our criminal justice system is over‍‍‍crowded‍‍‍, disproportionately locks up Native Hawaiians, exports residents to for-profit prisons on the mainland, and is extremely costly to Hawaii taxpayers. A paradigm shift is needed to tie funding to good outcomes like less recidivism rather than beds filled, expand justice reinvestment, ban private prisons, and holistically reform bail, parole, and sentencing.

Our forebearers protested, fought, and even died for fair working conditions in Hawaii. If not for their struggle, Hawaii's Democratic party would not be as strong as it is today. In Congress, Kaniela will fight to end Taft-Hartley, pass a national card check bill, and enshrine the rights to unionize, collectively bargain, and strike into law.‍‍‍‍‍‍

FDR said that "employers who cannot afford to pay their employees a living wage cannot afford to do business in America." Kaniela will fight to raise the minimum wage to $15, restore this great tradition, and ensure employee bargaining rights with a new New Deal.

Universal Basic Income‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Automation and globalization are already disrupting our economy, and we must act quickly and explore innovative solutions to build a future economy that leaves no one behind. Studies and pilots demonstrate that a $1000/month basic income to every resident would grow the American economy by $2.5 trillion.

End Reckless Wars‍‍‍

When did "peace" become a four-letter word? It's past time we stop all counterproductive regime change wars, reign in military spending and no-bid contractors, foster diplomacy around the world, restore sensible foreign policy, and invest more resources here at home.

Environmental‍‍‍ Protection‍‍‍

Kaniela holds one of the strongest environmental records in the State House and has a proven record of defending our air, land, and water. In Congress, sea level rise, climate ‍‍‍change, watersheds, Red Hill, and coral reef ecosystems will remain among Kaniela's top priorities. (Watch Kaniela's incredible speech on Hawaii's public resources here)

GMO ‍‍‍Labeling and Pesticides

In the legislature, Kaniela has fought to legalize industrial hemp, and has been a leading advocate for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered ‍‍‍food, pesticide disclosure,‍‍‍ buffer zones, and common-sense regulation of harmful chemicals like glyphosate. In Congress, he will continue to be a champion for small farmers and regenerative, organic agriculture.

In the legislature, Kaniela has successfully fought to ban bump stocks and keep guns out of the hands of terrorists, stalkers, and domestic abusers. In Congress, he will fight to ban AR-15‍‍‍s, strengthen mental health services, ban bump stocks, close gun ‍‍‍show loopholes, and enact background checks to keep our children safe from school shootings.

Common-Se‍‍‍nse Gun Control‍‍‍‍‍‍

A Real Infrastructure Plan

‍‍‍LGBTQ+ Rights

Kaniela made waves with the heartfelt speech he delivered in 2013 to help win marriage equality in Hawaii (seen here). But LGBTQ+ rights are about so much more. In Congress, Kaniela will fight to end conversion therapy, expand transgender rights, and prohibit any form of discrimination based on g‍‍‍ender and sexual orientation. Love always wins.‍‍‍

Expand Soc‍‍‍ial Security‍‍‍

Innovation & ‍‍‍Small Business‍‍‍

Kaniela was raised to always care for elders and our k‍‍‍upuna. In the legislature, Kaniela successfully fought to help fund our nation's‍‍‍ first family caregiver program. In Congress, Kaniela will fight to "scrap the cap" so that millionaires and billionaires pay Social Security taxes on more than just the first $118,500 of their income and everyday workers receive thousands more per year.

Donald Trump is an affront to the values we hold dear in Hawaii. We're pulling America back from the past, when we should be looking to the future. Kaniela will champion the impeachment of Donald Trump, so we can focus on progress beyond resistance. In Congress, Kaniela will be an ambassador of‍‍ tolerance, diversity, and aloha.

Impeach Donald Trump

Our financial sector used to help entreprenuers grow their businesses. But a lack of protections have allowed bankers to become the takers, while businesses struggle to remain the makers. Following Senator Elizabeth ‍‍‍Warren's lead, Kaniela will stand up and speak out against the Wall Street casino, break up big b‍‍‍anks, end anti-business stock buybacks, and reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act.

The greatest threat to American innovation, small businesses, workers, ‍‍‍and a resilient economy is the monopolization of industries. The GOP's pro-oligarchy, big business, agenda has given multinational corporations the market power to drive up prices, pay starvation wages, and ship jobs overseas. Kaniela will lead the fight to breakup monopolies, bring jobs home, open up mark‍‍‍ets to young entrepreneurs, and give small business owners a fighting chance.

‍‍‍Native Hawaiian Issues‍‍‍

The US overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1893 is a great injustice. As Hawaiian Affairs Chair in the State House, Kaniela has been a champion for native causes. In Congress, he will continue our fight to ensure true self-determination and prot‍‍‍ect our sacred places, cultural heritage, and natural resources. (Watch Kaniela stand up to a billionaire to keep Hawaiian lands in Hawaiian hands here)

A Job ‍‍‍Guarentee

Giant corporations should not be able to control what you can and cannot access online. Kaniela will fight to keep the internet open and available to all.‍‍‍

When FDR proposed a job guarantee of sorts, America nearly hit 100% employment. Today, there is more than enough work for every citizen--bridges to build, roads to repair, children to teach, trees to plant--but the market simply does not meet the demand. In Congress, Kaniela will explore bold ideas like livable jobs as a human right.


Tuition-free College‍‍‍

Supp‍‍‍ort our Veterans‍‍‍

Reform ‍‍‍Wall Street‍‍‍

Women'‍‍‍s Rights‍‍‍

Kaniela is the candidate with the absolute strongest record on women's health and equality. ‍ In Congress, Kaniela will fight to protect reproductive rights, fund Planned Parenthood, strengthen Title IX, enact paid family leave, a‍‍‍nd demand equal pay for equal work. He identifies as pro-feminist and firmly pro-choice.‍‍‍

In the legislature, Kaniela fought to build truly affordable homes and projects that benefit everyone, not just luxury high-rises for internationally wealthy elites. In Congress, Kaniela will champion a $3 trillion infrastructure plan to create high wage jobs and ensure that no project will bre‍‍‍ak the backs of Hawaii residents ever again.

‍‍‍FDR said that "employers who cannot afford to pay their employees a living wage cannot afford to do business in America." Kaniela will fight to raise the minimum wage‍‍‍ to $15/hour (tied to inflation), restore this great tradition, and ensure employee bargaining rights with a new New Deal.‍‍‍

Expand Vo‍‍‍ting Access‍‍‍

Tuition-free College


Oppose Bad Trade De‍‍‍als‍‍‍

In 1996, Congress passed harmful legislation that took away federal ‍‍‍Medicaid benefits for migrants from Micronesia, Palau, and the Marshall Islands. In Congress, Kaniela will fight to ensure justice for one of Hawaii's most vulnerable communities.

‍‍‍Rather than expanding the government's ability to control dissent like Donald Trump and‍‍‍ the GOP, Kaniela will fight to protect our civil liberties, expand our freedom from oppression, and reign in the NSA’s mass collection of every American’s data.

More and more states are allowing adults to responsibly use cannabis. Evidence shows that legalization has generated billions of dollars in tax revenue, reduced mass incarceration, and‍‍‍ ‍‍‍saved lives by presenting a legal alternative to more harmful substances. In Congress, Kaniela will fight to declassify cannabis as a Schedule I substance.

When the GOP tried to roll back the Voting Rights Act in 2014, Kaniela wrote and passed bills to expand voting access in Hawaii through same-day and online voter registration. In Congress, Kaniela will continue his fight to protect and ex‍‍‍pand voting rights, implement automatic voter registration, and promote civic engagement on all levels.

Under the Trump administration and a GOP Congress, immigrants face their greatest threats in a generation. In Congress, Kaniela will fight to protect the rights‍‍‍ of all immigrants in America.‍‍‍

Global trade deals like the TPP and NAFTA are supposed to streamline trade and lower costs for everyday people. However, these deals tend to go awry when lobbyists get their hands on them behind closed doors and chock them full of sweetheart deals for billionaire corporations. In Congress, Kaniela‍‍‍ will call for transparency and fairness in all global trade deals to make sure they represent Hawaii's best interest.‍‍‍

‍‍‍Civil Liberties‍‍‍

Immigration Reform‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Legalize Ad‍‍‍ult-Use Cannabis‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Bold Vision ‍‍‍

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍"It's not enough to simply resist Donald Trump. People are struggling and feeling left behind.‍‍‍ Leaders must offer hope and progress beyond resistance."

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