We Raised the Minimum Wage

Kaniela’s Accomplishments

We Passed Marriage Equality

We Expanded Voting Access.

We Cleaned our Beaches

We Protected Agriculture Homerule

Rep. Kaniela Ing votes on the 2013 State Budget

which included a South Maui record $130 million

for our new Kihei High School.

(the year’s largest single line item by far).

Rep. Kaniela Ing speaks at our

Kihei High School’s Groundbreaking

First, we funded our Kihei High School!

We’re Constructing our Kihei High School!

Kaniela knocked on over 12,000 doors during his first election to ensure that your concerns were his priorities. Your #1 issue was heard: Kihei needs a public high school. While our State Senator had been working hard to fund the project for decades, the representative at the time failed to secure any funds in the House budget. You may have heard baseless mischaracterizations from Kaniela’s opponent, but here are the facts

As Kaniela’s first order of business, he secured the largest single appropriation ever for South Maui in the House budget. Through great relationships at the legislature (see below), tabling on Kihei Fourth Friday, and the hundreds of pieces of testimony you sent in, we accomplished our number one goal. 

The next order of business was to get construction started as soon as possible.  Once the budget passes, construction projects are technically out of the legislature’s hands, but Rep. Ing did not stop working.

While our previous governor did not release the funds before leaving office, Kaniela petitioned Governor Ige to release $30mil in June 2015 for phase 1. After years of advocacy, we broke ground in January 2016.

Kaniela has secured commitments from key legislators and the Governor to see the project through. In 2016, Kaniela secured another $37.5 million for phase II (classrooms, offices, and cafeteria!), marking the largest appropriation in the state in the face of Oahu opposition! 

In 2014, Hawaii’s minimum wage had not been raised in over seven years. Inflation and productivity vastly outpaced wages, while 82% of our voting public supported an increase to $10.10.

As a member of the House Finance committee, Kaniela took a balanced the service industry’s concerns, and came up with a compromise that allows for a higher tip credit only if the employee is making a living wage. His proposal has been used as a model for national legislation.

Kaniela continues to fight for a $15/hr living wage in Hawaii!

An advocacy video Kaniela shot

to help pass Minimum wage

In addition to group legislative efforts that Rep. Kaniela Ing helped pass, such as

paying down our debts, curtailing homelessness, and saving Maui’s hospital,

Here are some of the issues Kaniela personally led to success:

Kaniela has been a Christian for his entire life, but he strongly believes in equality for all.  This made the marriage equality (SB1) debates very personal to him.  At the end of some marathon hearings, he took a historic vote that will remain one of his proudest moments. Watch either of the speeches below to see why we love Kaniela.

While other states have been restricting voting access, Kaniela has been committed to the very opposite. Working with Common Cause Hawaii and the League of Women Voters, our Representative successfully wrote and passed a major reform law that is expected to increase turnout, modernize elections systems, and prevent voter fraud.

This battle was hard-fought, but great relationships and an unbreakable, well-researched argument, Kaniela made it happen.


An advocacy video Kaniela shot

to help pass Same-day Registration

Kaniela explains the rationale behind

Smoke-free Beaches

Cigarette Butts have historically been the number one cause of litter on our beaches. Littering was always illegal, but the size of butts made enforcement impossible. A 2014 beach clean-up on Maui collected 11,000 butts in just a few hours.

Kaniela wrote and passed a law that has helped preserve our shorelines, protect marine ecosystems, and promote good health in Hawaii. Non-profits have noticed a significant difference ever since.

Every year, bills come up to ensure that counties cannot regulate their own agriculture.  But no one knows the ‘aina better than those who live on it--those who live from it. 

Kaniela successfully fought bills to thwart homerule, and has stalwartly championed GMO labeling and pesticide bufferzones. Kaniela believes fair solutions can be found for even the toughest issues. He always speaks out for us!

I humbly ask for your vote, so I can continue serving you.

Our Representative Kaniela Ing achieved our #1 goal

to fully fund (2013) and start constructing (2015)

our long-awaited, super-modern, net-zero,

Kihei High School

Rep. Kaniela Ing flew-in the entire House Finance Committee to visit the site of our High School in 2013. 

Finance Chairwoman, Rep. Sylvia Luke,who controls the House Budget, says

Kaniela was instrumental in securing funding to begin construction of this new school, and I will continue to work with him to make sure this project gets completed.”

Kaniela’s key relationships made all the difference

Governor Abercrombie Signing Kaniela’s bill for

Same-day Voter Registration


Governor Ige signing Kaniela’s bill for Tobacco-free Beaches


 Kaniela personally wrote and passed major reforms

 About Kaniela          Vision

Our Representative Kaniela Ing

achieved our #1 goal to fund (2013) and build (2015)

Kihei High School

 Kaniela personally wrote